Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yesterday I Went To See The English Movie. I Would Tell You More About It But I Have Slipped Into A Coma. And Not From The Junior Mints Either.

As for the Scottish play, it was Scottish-tastic! My friend Jack Morgan (Macduff) did a really great job knocking on the gate in the morning after Duncan has been killed, but before anyone knows it. I felt these knocks were full of tension and impending doom for the Macbeths.

However, for the second half of the play I was distracted by the thought of how much my viewing experience would be enhanced by a small portion of the liquid kind of Scottish-tastic. That amber liquid. Those clinking ice cubes. Ah... Maybe some other time.

But screw Scotland and England. Come to Pegasus in downtown Berkeley tonight if you dare! 7:30. Me and William Moor. It will be a night to remember if it is good and a night to forget and feel resentful about wasting your time if it is bad. Thank you. I mean "William Moor and I" of course.

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