Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Definition of Rape

Yr light everywhere gets in the butter my definition of rape also y’re raped in the butter the butter the morning milk.

It isn’t about skirts I said me in skirts to sew up meanings yr light said all over my butter this breakfast I spread the butter just drinking the milk & had phenomenological butter that didn’t feel good doctor throwing my torn leg my green skirt.

It’s about yr crowbar my legs yr crowbar my legs not my skirt yr crowbar my legs my nude legs my nude yr crowbar yr crowbar.

I couldn’t chance not looking foreswearing closures little eye possibilities blue eye little skirt not skirt yr crowbar my between my between my between yr force vector possibly vector yr crowbar yr crowbar not my skirt this rhythm—

                                            until it’s over
                                            torn over.

Who throws us the party at breakfast is fear always happening dark long lane long night breakdown the car smoking car smoking late long dark car smoking always happening my leg my leg always churning this breakfast fucking breakfast yr crowbar butter knife yr crowbar jam spoon strawberry jam viscous strawberry jam.

I’m not not not yr branch my skirt not not not yr my green skirt my short green skirt not not not yr branch jamming me skinny knees skinny knees.

Yr mouth shut up yr mouth shut up yr mouth shut up my blue eye I see you shutting up I see us rising up I see us yr mouth shut up see us spelling out.

We won’t be yr silent allele.  A woman means: