Monday, November 26, 2007

After My Morning Yoga Routine, I Decide To Drink Tangy Citrus Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

To the left you will find an example of the kind of natural environment I like to surround myself with during my AM yoga practice. It is also an example of the kind of surroundings not available to me as I live in a city, don't have a car, and am not allowed to wear white clothes because:

1.) I am clumsy and would spill a lot of green tea and/or coffee on said white clothes;

2.) I am just not calm enough to be able to wear white clothes. (Also, although my heart is largely pure, my heart is largely impure.)

As I understand it, getting the okay to wear the white yoga togs is a really big moment in any yoga apprentice's life. As for me, I am still new to this whole green tea thing. Usually I just think it tastes like the alfalfa I used to feed my guinea pigs. That's why my yoga togs are black sweat pants that are covered in cat hair. Not only that, but I had a cup of coffee before I "practiced." It wasn't even decaf! What would Rodney Yee say about that? Will the yoga police come to my house and upbraid me? Everything has police. Which is why I can't wear white clothes.

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