Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Short Films About My Life

Unfortunately, for the pictorial portion of the blog, my camera is out of batteries.

On Sunday, the movie was called 'The Catastrophist.' That all with my boyfriend turned out to be sort of fine.

Last night the movie was called 'Cooking with Martha,' or really, more appropriately, 'Watching My Boyfriend Cook With Martha' as he carefully prepared two pies for this year's Thanksgiving repast. Pecan and blackberry, thank you very much. But don't worry. I will be kept very busy tomorrow stirring the mashed potato flakes into the boiling water.

(Yes Martha. The mashed potatoes are coming from a box. I've already sampled a few portions during a fish dinner sometime last week and they are creamy and delicious.)

Today the movie is called 'Cinderella' because I will be stuck at home cleaning while my wicked stepsister, my boyfriend, leaves the house for a glamorous day sweating over his desk as an engineer in the solar energy industry. He only has to work 10 hours a day and do the job of a small army, so I'd say I might be getting the short end of the stick.

Hmm. Maybe if the weather gets nicer, I'll head to the pool after I clean the bathroom, which could have been done this weekend had someone (me) not said she would do it later.

Of course, the feature film event doesn't happen until tomorrow and I have no idea what it will be called, but certainly the word 'ham' will be in the title because that is what we are serving. Or, on the other hand, perhaps simply 'Meat Thermometer' will suffice. Thank you.

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