Friday, November 19, 2010

No, I Am Not Dressed Up Like Harry Potter, Today. Why The Frack Would I Be?

I am Harry Potter. I do not need to dress the part. I need to do important, everyday Harry Potter things like clean out my cat, Gerard Butler's litter box, which he has recently befouled. Then I have to pick up yesterday's clothing from the bedroom floor and carry it to the hamper because I was far too lazy to do this last night and instead just left it all in an amorphous heap over 2 or 3 pairs of shoes.

I might even do laundry and then go to Target for green bean-mushroom soup casserole ingredients, which I somehow forgot about when I went to Target yesterday.

All in all, a pretty boring, dreary day.


Catatab_Tabimount said...

I followed your blog and was under the impression that you stopped writing! So you actually a feral child at one point in your life?

Jenny Drai said...

Feral in spirit, if not in the flesh! And I did stop writing, for a long time, to concentrate on other more "serious" forms of writing like "serious" poetry and "serious" fiction. But now I am back, although not every day by the looks of it.