Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yesterday I Had A Very Fulfilling Day In My Head While Doing Absolutely Nothing With My Body

Just one of the ways I got where I was going in my mind all day yesterday

For example, I had a great imaginary conversation with two German guys on the bus who were speaking in their native tongues about the many pros and cons of Ikea in such an amusing fashion. Of course, when they realized I could understand them--after a particularly clever and well-timed comment from me, they immediately invited me to a party later that night where I met a lot of fantastic new people, all of whom were (by the end of the the night) virtually fighting over who was going to get to have coffee with me first. What a great night! But more importantly, I did not even have to tear myself away from my take-out eggplant with bean curd and brown rice and the latest crime drama marathon on television to have it. There is nothing like being in two places at once.

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