Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sometimes I Think I Am A Real Loser Because I Make Less $ Than My Younger Brother. But Then I Think...I Could Be Mike Huckabee

Is "God" Missing From the Constitution?

From now on, I will probably just surprise people by saying "Huckabee!" behind their backs after sneaking up on them instead of "Boo!" or "Gotcha!"

Don't get me wrong. The Bible's got some great stories in it. For example when the elders sneak up on Susannah in her bath and say, "Susannah! Susannah! We are burning to make love to you!" I also think the differing versions of Jesus between the four gospels are fun and exciting. But really. Fruitcakes are for Christmas and not even really for then. Although I did eat a slice once. However, I have no intention of eating a slice of Mike Huckabee. Unless it were to be the slice of his brain that isn't functioning correctly. I would do that for you. I would do that for all of us.

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CLAY BANES said...

Look it, first off the Bible is true.