Monday, September 10, 2007

Something Very Bad Happened At My Work Today

I did not work very hard at my work today.

My mother sent me an email I can't even open because it's so nice. I'll probably just go around feeling ashamed for awhile before I finally delete it.

It's hard to be funny all the time. A friend gave me a manuscript to read. I wrote something funny then deleted it. It felt like a lie. But I am in a better mood now than when I was always trying to be funny. I just want to say what I think. The manuscript is something to look forward to. I get so caught up in shits and giggles sometimes. The shits and giggles make me sick.

I have to get out of Borders. So I took some good steps today. Anything better than inertia. Wish me luck. But don't think you are never going to have to hear about Selma, or my life as a wolf, or my dashing cat, Gerard Butler. I just needed a little break because my roommate was driving me crazy. And that guinea pig is getting all holier-than-thou about 'rations' and 'appropriate dosages.'


Cameron said...

Have you already gotten out? Jessica and I sauntered over to your neck o' the woods and was disappointed to find you missing at your post. Not one of your fellow team members knew of your whereabouts. Your Borders is cold, the high ceilings and florescent lights chill me to the core. Perhaps we will stop in again soon, but probably not. Anything I can do to assist you in your prison break (nail file in cake, horse and rope to pull out bars, spoon to start digging) let me know, and I will find some way to get it to you. Until then, hold strong, you are a valued team member at Borders. They don't know what they would do without you.

Jenny Drai said...

I work during the day. And on Sunday during the day. I was probably wearing my invisibility cloak. Sometimes I do that when I want to take a nap in the Billy Collins section. Napping makes it go away.