Monday, September 17, 2007

After A Lot Of Careful Thought, I've Decided That The Best Poetry Reading I've Ever Been To Is The Imaginary One That Takes Place In My Head

Some friends of imaginary poetry enjoy a good cake and ice cream banter after one of my imaginary readings

Really, not to be arrogant, but what is better than standing in front of the mirror and reading about 15-20 minutes from your manuscript? There is no audience making uncomfortable noises, impatient shifting with their limbs, or just distracted looks like when is this person going to stop? Also, the really great thing about imaginary poetry readings in front of your mirror in your bedroom with the door shut and the music turned up just loud enough so that none of your roommates can figure out what you're doing, is that you do not have to listen to anyone try to make banter. But you can make banter up for yourself, even if only your cat is laughing. My cat, Gerard Butler, is really fond of these special readings, although sometimes he does do really annoying things like meow to leave the room when I am halfway through a poem. Doesn't he understand? I only have twenty minutes. I am timing myself! And deluding myself also takes time!



I attended your imaginary poetry reading, right outside the door. cake was great, i love that butter cream frosting. i am about to have a poetry reading marathon in my head, we will all be on horseback, naked, there will be a full moon, and instead of clapping everyone will Howl like wolves. ah yes, yes, yes i see it before me like a red balloon, wont you come with me.

Jack Morgan said...

This is just like Fantasmic. Hooray for imagination. My favorite place in my house has always been the few feet in front of my mirror. I always forget to read, though. I have that stunning effect on people. It's great.


just to let you know, that was cameron that left the last comment, it was on my computer and so my name just happened to be given credit. so at his request i now tell you this information.