Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today I Did Everything I Usually Do Except That Today I Did It with Jazz Hands

I had such a great day today serving customers at the major chain bookstore I'm not supposed to write about in my blog (or so the employee handbook says) but I do not work for Barnes & Noble, so you figure it out. I am so happy about the great day of serving customers I have behind me. Having such a good time like that really lays a foundation onto which I can place the building blocks of the rest of my day. Buoyed by my satisfaction at serving customers, I might sit down and write some poetry. Really, my poetry stems from a place of happiness and satisfaction. Again, I am so happy about the day I put in. I feel like I am really making a difference in people's lives, one customer at a time. Because that's the secret to great customer service, you know. One! Customer! At! A! Time! Making everything into a musical also really helps improve moral in the dreadful and low-paid working conditions at your local major chain bookstore that isn't Barnes and Noble. I do not think this here right now is a very good effort. But I gave all my effort to the customers. Jazz! Hands! People! Please! I have nothing left for you.

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