Friday, April 11, 2008

Where Have I Been Since March 28? Let Me Tell You.

I have been in a coma. The coma was induced by me watching the director's cut DVD release of the recent Robert Zemeckis adaptation of Beowulf. Also, the fact that I, for some strange reason, used cash money to purchase the offending item at Borders, only served to worsen the blow. I have, however, woken up from the coma in time for Battlestar Galactica, which should be much better. Please can I have my money back.


Steve said...

Dear Ms. Drai,

I am sorry to hear of your recent coma. However, when you lay such information on your loyal readers and don't give us more details you leave a lot of unanswered questions. I am left wondering the following things:

1. Was this copy of Beowulf the rated or the unrated version? Was it in mind blowing 3D or plain ol' boring 2D? If it was the unrated version, what was added to make it "unrated?" Any full frontal?

2. Was this a standard DVD or one of those newfangled Blu-Ray Hi Def DVDs? I would imagine that viewing this movie in HD would open your eyes to a lot of aspects you may have missed in a blurry standard definition version.

3. Did you watch this movie with or without a factory placed sticker still in the upper corner of your TV screen? Removing such stickers may increase your level of enjoyment for any TV show or movie you watch.

And on a totally unrelated noted- what the f' is with every website you sign in to nowadays making you enter in those squiggly letters into a box? I know it's for security and to avoid spammers, but I usually can't even figure out what the damn letters are.

Anonymous said...

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Jenny Drai said...

All I can say about the Beowulf DVD is that it was rated "bad." I could not tell the difference between it and the theater version. Full frontal cartoon nudity is less titillating than you might imagine. It was just bad and I want to forget it.

Cameron said...

I think that Celular is right on in his (her?) comments. That link is truly amazing. I didn't know that you had such interesting friends Jenny, when are you going to introduce us?

Jenny Drai said...

Just as soon as I have time, Cameron. Just as soon as I have time. (When a person has as many interesting friends as I do, it's hard to keep up.)